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Terms and Conditions


1. You will be working under the guidelines of the company, ProCare Health Advisors Pvt Ltd which has assigned you the duty and shall not deviate from it under any circumstances. This digital form is to be treated as a contractual agreement between the company and yourself. You will be placed on temporary assignments till the time the company finds your contribution valuable
2. You will not work directly for the client where you have been assigned, otherwise your salary will be forfeited and you will not be assigned with any more work
3. You will not take advance payments directly from the client where you have been deployed for work
4. You will not ask for any tips from the client and only accept if you are voluntarily being offered 
5. Company shall not be responsible for any theft or damage caused at the client’s place in your presence
6. You will be given a uniform by the company for which you will have to bear the nominal charges and you are required to work at the client’s place in that uniform till the time you are assigned there
7. You will not use your phone while you are taking care of the patient. You can use it only in your free time
8. You will not be absent from work without informing the office or else there will be a deduction of 500 each day from your salary
9. For any planned leaves you will have to inform the office well in advance, at least a week before
10. You will not bring a replacement staff at your work place without the knowledge of the company else you will be suspended from your service
11. You will not try to negotiate salary with our office once you have started working in your assignment
12. You will not try to place any of the company’s staff on job. Only the company reserves the right to assign work to it’s staff, especially those who are staying in the company hostel
13. If you are staying in the company’s accommodation then you will not take up outside assignments without informing the company. You can take up other assignments only after taking permission from the company